How Vacuum Cleaners Work

Although most people use vacuum cleaners on a daily basis, only a few understand how they work. Understanding how vacuum cleaners work will help you use it properly. You need to understand the principles behind the basic functioning of the cleaner so that you can implement protective measures. Proper use of your vacuum cleaner increases its lifespan and helps it clean more efficiently. Here is a simple guide to how vacuum cleaners work.

The first step you take when using a cleaner is to plug it into a power source and turn it on. When you turn your cleaner on, the electric current prompts the motor into action. The motor, which is attached to a fan angled like an airplane propeller, turns the fan into action.

The Science Behind The Action

Once the fun is turned into action, it pushes air outward through the exhaust port. When the air is driven forward, the density of the air in front of the particles in front of the fan increases and that of particles behind the fan decreases. The pressure behind the fan dropping means that the immediate air behind the fan drops below the pressure outside the vacuum cleaner. As a result, a partial vacuum is created inside the vacuum cleaner. Because nature does not allow for the existence of a vacuum, the air pushes itself into the vacuum cleaner through an intake port.

For as long as the vacuum cleaner fan keeps running, the passageway through the vacuum cleaner is opened. The air will keep on moving in the intake port and out through the exhaust port.

How Vacuum Cleaners WorkHow Vacuum Cleaners Work

As we have already seen, there is a constant flow of air from one end to the other. Now to collect dirt and debris, we need to introduce friction. Friction in the vacuum cleaner is brought about by the vacuum cleaner bag. The bags are made of porous material which helps filter the air. The bag has tiny pores that allow air to pass through but do not allow dirt to go through. Therefore, when the current of air is sucked from your carpet with the intake port, it is allowed to pass through the bag, but the dirt particles in the air are captured by the bag.

The vacuum cleaner bag can be placed anywhere between the intake tube and the outlet port. As long as the incoming current of air flows through the bag, you can be sure to collect all the dirt from your carpet. Different vacuum cleaners have different designs and the location of the bag can be anywhere. For instance, in upright vacuum cleaners, the vacuum cleaner bag is the last stop on the path. Immediately after the air is filtered, it is allowed to flow out.


Now that you know how vacuum cleaners work, make sure to use yours well. Ensure that you use your vacuum cleaner well so that the fan keeps on running. If the fan stops running the cleaner becomes useless. Make sure to empty the filter regularly so it can continue cleaning your carpet and capturing everything your vacuum picks up.